For some of the scenes we have chosen to do projections of the backgrounds onto 3D planes.

RKKSKVGRD have made the Layout and Background for this shot and the animation of the cast shadows,
Michael Holm Nielsen did the 3D work (in MAYA) and compositing (Ae)
and Anders Friis Christiansen animated the characters.

Salma street scene from Michael Holm Nielsen on Vimeo.

Testing pipeline with Compositing [PRE-look] (Feb. 2010)

Layout/BG by RKKSKVGRD, Animation by Sarah Nielsen (kau06), Compositing and post process by Michael Holm Nielsen

Testing animation [POST-look] (Nov. 2009)
Animation by RKKSKVGRD

3D and Compositing by Michael Holm Nielsen

Salma test from Michael Holm Nielsen on Vimeo.

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